Women’s Mysteries – Online Course & Certification


This 6 lunar month online course and certification is a sacred journey culminating in the opportunity to feel fully alive, empowered, insightful and sassy! Each month builds upon the last and offers a new intention with unique teachings, meditations and practices ending in the 3 day moon ritual. The course is open to all women – whatever your age – for together we’re creating a world which is worthy of the next 7 generations of children.


In addition to the online course, this offering includes a Certificate of Competency in Women’s Mysteries for the Modern Woman, so that you can share these teachings and exercises with your own practice. You will also receive Christine’s endorsement by having your name and contact details added to the list of competent practitioners on this website. To qualify, there are certain requirements that you must complete. Download a brief document detailing these requirements here. The cost is $645.
Financing available through PayPal Credit – No interest for first 6 months. Select option at checkout.

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These ancient teachings will reconnect you to natural female rhythms, womb wisdom, creative dragon energy, intuitive knowing and the eternal love of your heart. Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment which will change your life forever!
Includes: streaming video + access to private Facebook group + Q&A's via regular live Facebook video + 16 meditations + many valuable enhancements.
By registering, you’ll be sent a unique password giving you instant access to the 6 modules or Gateways which have been designed as if we’re walking the path together. Along the way, I’ll lead you in many amazing meditations as well as give you a variety of chances for self-reflection and personal rituals.
With 24/7 access, you can travel the Sacred Way at your own pace.

Throughout this course you'll discover:
  • You’re more powerful than you ever imagined
  • Connecting to your own rhythm and to the cyclical wisdom of the moon and Earth is essential to all women whatever our age
  • Women have an intimate connection to creative dragon energy, flowing through the Earth
  • Your beautiful body is uniquely designed to flow with sexual, transformative energy
  • You were created in the exact image of the Divine Great Mother to bring love, creativity and healing to the planet
  • Your clear insight is a gift, seeing through veils and masks and into the truth
  • How important it is to clear the body of old emotions and energies on a regular basis and create healthy emotional boundaries
  • Women have always been true leaders setting policy, performing rituals & being respected for their opinions
  • Women are stronger together
BONUSES you'll receive after registering for Women's Mysteries for the Modern Woman:
  • The PDF format e-book Handbook of Women’s Mysteries, which can be downloaded onto a computer to read at your leisure.
  • A 30% off coupon for The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, Christine’s in-depth look at women’s health and empowerment. Christiane Northrup, MD says: "This is a magnificent book! Bravo, Christine R. Page, M.D. for pulling all these sacred threads together in one place in this time of reawakening!"
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