Women’s Mysteries – Online Course


This 6 lunar month online course is a sacred journey culminating in the opportunity to feel fully alive, empowered, insightful and sassy! Each month builds upon the last and offers a new intention with unique teachings, meditations and practices ending in the 3 day moon ritual. The course is open to all women – whatever your age – for together we’re creating a world which is worthy of the next 7 generations of children.
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These ancient teachings will reconnect you to natural female rhythms, womb wisdom, creative dragon energy, intuitive knowing and the eternal love of your heart. Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment which will change your life forever!
Includes: streaming video + access to private Facebook group + Q&A's via regular live Facebook video + 16 meditations + many valuable enhancements.
By registering, you’ll be sent a unique password giving you instant access to the 6 modules or Gateways which have been designed as if we’re walking the path together. Along the way, I’ll lead you in many amazing meditations as well as give you a variety of chances for self-reflection and personal rituals.

With 24/7 access, you can travel the Sacred Way at your own pace.

Throughout this course you'll discover:
  • You’re more powerful than you ever imagined
  • Connecting to your own rhythm and to the cyclical wisdom of the moon and Earth is essential to all women whatever our age
  • Women have an intimate connection to creative dragon energy, flowing through the Earth
  • Your beautiful body is uniquely designed to flow with sexual, transformative energy
  • You were created in the exact image of the Divine Great Mother to bring love, creativity and healing to the planet
  • Your clear insight is a gift, seeing through veils and masks and into the truth
  • How important it is to clear the body of old emotions and energies on a regular basis and create healthy emotional boundaries
  • Women have always been true leaders setting policy, performing rituals & being respected for their opinions
  • Women are stronger together
BONUSES you'll receive after registering for Women's Mysteries for the Modern Woman:
  • The PDF format e-book Handbook of Women’s Mysteries, which can be downloaded onto a computer to read at your leisure.
  • A 30% off coupon for The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, Christine’s in-depth look at women’s health and empowerment.
    Christiane Northrup, MD says: "This is a magnificent book! Bravo, Christine R. Page, M.D. for pulling all these sacred threads together in one place in this time of reawakening!"
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