the Wisdom of the Body

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

Listening to the Wisdom of the Body – Jackson Hole 2006

May 2006 | Past Talks

This talk includes; why people become sick, the opportunity of illness, the message behind certain illnesses, including lower back pain, fibromyalgia and fibroids PLUS a visual imagery exercise to access the message of the illness and how to recreate harmony.

Selected teaching from this seminar:
The link between the meridians, the elements and wellbeing. In 90% of patients, illness is a wake-up call from the soul advising a change of direction to bring them back into alignment with their soul’s path. At the same time, the nature of the disease often provides clear information as to the changes required to redress the imbalance.

Chinese Medicine and the link between the elements and well-being.

Chinese Medicine, the basis of acupuncture, recognizes the link between the elements (fire, wood, earth, water and metal), the function of the body and different emotion or physiological states. When an element is out of balance so are the associated organs.

Kidney and bladder meridians: the element of water

Organs involved: kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, teeth, bones, hair and ears.

Function: to store and supply energy, Qi, essential for the body to function. Some of the energy is ancestral energy and some is acquired from the wisdom we acquire through life. When we inherit and live with positive optimism, our Qi is strong. When we experience fear or constant worry, we can experience adrenal burnout, kidney disease or hypertension.
Trust, warmth, adequate sleep and relaxation are essential for healthy kidney energy.

Liver and gall bladder meridians: the element of wood

Organs involved:liver, gallbladder, breast, uterus, prostate, throat, tendons, nails and eyes.

Function: to maintain harmonic movement within the body and in particular, the flow of blood, emotions and Qi. When our movement through life is smooth and guided by clear decisions, our liver energy flows. When we feel stuck either mentally or physically, emotions such as resentment, irritability and anger start to build and eventually fester, impacting our health and relationships.
Learning to recognize resentment as a sign that some movement is required, leads to a healthy liver. Either move your position physically or change your thinking to restore harmony.

Heart and small intestine meridians: the element of fire

Organs involved: heart and small intestine. When imbalanced, experience indigestion, food sensitivities and bloating.

Function: when the heart is happy every other organ is happy. The heart houses Shen or spirit, feeding us with creative inspiration. When we give voice to our soul’s inspiration, our heart sings and we feel joy. When the energy is blocked, we become depressed. The heart needs to act as ‘king or queen’ in our life otherwise we may experience agitation, insomnia, excessive dreaming, forgetfulness and even insanity.
Self-love, the expression of creative ideas and joyfulness of spirit make for a healthy heart.

Stomach and spleen meridian: the element of earth

Organs involved: stomach, spleen and uterus.

Function: to generate energy whether from physical sources, such as food, or from emotional sources, such as love to ensure inner security. The ability to nurture ourselves with the energy of food or love is dependent on the bonding with our birth mother and with the spiritual Great Mother. If either are lacking, we develop distrust, obsessive worry or a compensatory desire to care for others, which can lead to paranoia, difficulties in bonding with others, and issues of separation.

Walks in Nature, enjoying good food and being with friends, all lead to a health stomach.

Lung and large intestine meridian: the element of metal

Organs involved: lungs, sinuses, skin and large intestine.

Function: concerned with the cyclical movement of water and energy reminding us of the cyclical nature of life through death and rebirth. When we fail to grieve and release the old, we develop an imbalance in the lung meridian.

Remembering there is a time to breathe in and a time to exhale ensure healthy lungs.

Further teachings and exercises can be found in Christine’s books, Frontiers of Health, the Mind, Body, Spirit workbook (with accompanying CD) and the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, her CD Webs of Peace and the wall chart, Wheel of Wholeness.


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