About Leland Landry


A Texan by birth and brought up in Louisiana Cajun country, Leland is a physicist who worked in the corporate world of geophysics for 25 years. During those years of chasing oil and gas around the globe, he learned much about himself from living with other cultures.

As far back as he can remember, Leland has greatly admired the feminine in all its forms and felt deeply connected to the eternal divine matrix or Great Mother. He has always seen women as representatives of this divine energy and knows there is nothing more beautiful in the universe than a woman in her power. At this point in his-tory, Leland believes it is important for men to fully support their women in remembering their true purpose so they may fulfill their sacred role in birthing a new level of consciousness on the planet.

To this end, Leland fully supports Christine as she shares her message around the world. Throughout their joint efforts, he provides a safe container for sacred personal work and enriches seminar experiences with his gifts of healing through the vibrational tones of sound and music.

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