Way of the Sacred Woman

Restoring Health, Creativity & Fulfillment Through the Ancient Mysteries of Womanhood



Abundant power, creativity and inspiration

Today, women have successfully positioned themselves as equals next to men in many areas of society, showing confidence, creativity and leadership skills. Yet, much of this success has come through the expression of their masculine nature, while their feminine gifts remain hidden as they have for the past 3500 years.

Most of us, as women, are completely unaware of the abundant power, creativity and inspiration that lives within our own bodies which, if engaged, would profoundly change our sense of well-being & fulfillment.

It’s time for the sleeping dragon to awaken from her lair.  Are you, as a sacred woman, ready to:

  • Reconnect to the dragon power that flows beneath your feet deep within Mother Earth
  • Step up as a spiritual leader, ready to create a world worthy of the next seven generations
  • Celebrate your clear sight that sees the potential in everybody
  • Listen to your womb wisdom
  • Become a vessel for transformation to all those who ask with respect for your sacred gifts
  • Respect and honor the rhythms of your beautiful sensual body
  • Place yourself at the top of the priority list

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Way of the Sacred Woman is a forum for learning and sharing, inspiring every woman to reconnect to her true power and purpose, bringing health, harmony and pleasure back into her life. The Way of the Sacred Woman consists of two aspects:

  • Women’s Mysteries revolving around the popular Handbook of Women’s Mysteries with its meditations and enhancements. You can participate at an introductory level, as home study or register for the 6 month online course; Women’s Mysteries for the Modern Woman. To see a list of my spiritual sisters who are using the Women’s Mysteries in their own practices click here.
  • Women’s Seminars where we use musical journeys & visual imagery to reconnect you to your innate power, freedom and joy as a fully embodied sacred woman.
  • Merging with Moon resetting our Natural Rhythms.
  • 3 Day Moon Ritual Download the PDF.

The Great Mother Awaits You!

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