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Enhancing the power of the intuition

Have you ever been moved to follow your intuition and it worked out to your advantage or in retrospect wished you had listened to this inner voice and avoided months of misery?

Intuition is the navigator of our soul guiding us to fulfill our destiny. Its insights often appear out of the blue as an “Ah-ha” and offer such a sense of certainty, that we will stake our lives on these messages. As we follow its wisdom we open ourselves to increased clarity, easier decision making, more honest relationships and enhanced health.

Intuition is available to everybody but we often fail to follow its advice due to fear of the unknown, appearing illogical or the need to change. Choosing to tune-in to this unique frequency is the first step to trusting this faithful friend. This lecture/workshop aims to enhance the participant’s ability to listen to and follow their intuitive wisdom, bringing benefits to their work, their relationships and their soul’s true potential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will list 3 benefits of following their intuition
  • Participants will identify 3 reasons why we don’t listen to our intuition
  • Participants will describe 4 practical methods to enhance the reception of intuition.
  • Participants will identify key considerations when giving intuitive information.
Listening to the Wisdom of the Body

For too long illness has been seen as a weakness or failure; yet in 60% of cases, illness is a wake up call from the soul gaining attention by creating disharmony in the body or mind. The body is not the enemy, unsupportive of our endeavors; it is one of our greatest friends, taking on the stress we’re unable to handle emotionally, willing to express disharmony when we drift too far from our soul’s truth and providing us with clear signposts as to the direction to take.

By tapping into the wisdom of the body we are shown the intricate links between the personality and the state of well-being and how we can achieve optimal health through soul directed health, despite modern day stresses.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will list 4 hypotheses as to “why people get sick”
  • Participants will identify 3 personality traits linked to specific illnesses
  • Participants will recognize ways to access the wisdom of the body
  • Participants will describe the energetic chakra system as it relates to wellbeing
The Courage to Change

Change is inevitable; nothing is static. Change is easy to accept in the small matters of life but when it comes to the bigger issues we often find ourselves making excuses or sabotaging the efforts towards transformation.

For many, change is scary; it represents being out of control, getting it wrong, facing the unknown or the fear of hurting those we love. And yet soul directed change always brings us closer to our own inner being, making relationships more honest and taking us out of stagnant situations which cause us to feel frustrated, depressed, unfulfilled and resentful.

In this seminar we will explore ways in which we can move beyond out limiting fears and have the courage to make changes in our life which will bring us greater fulfillment, peace of mind and enhanced self esteem.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will list 3 reasons why change is avoided
  • Participants will identify how to make change more acceptable
  • Participants will describe 3 requirements for change
  • Participants will describe the role of the thyroid gland in transformation
Living on the edge of chaos while remaining sane

Life seems to be moving faster than ever with the “stage” changing daily both at home and around the world, creating the feeling we are living on the edge of chaos unsure of which structures will survive and which will be swept away in the next wave of consciousness.

And yet this place between structure and chaos is a powerful place of growth and transformation. Here intentionality can become highly focused allowing all energy to be used to create our reality from the deepest part of our being, benefiting all concerned.

This workshop aims to reveal how to safely surf the waves, knowing when to float gently in the ocean of unlimited possibilities and when to stand firm on the shore of certainty. We will explore belief patterns and fears which anchor us to the past, safe ways to enter unknown territory and finally ways to create a world for ourselves and those we love which surpasses anything experienced before.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will list the benefits and challenges of staying either in chaos or in structure
  • Participants will describe ways to maintain one’s center
  • Participants will identify the components of pure intentionality.
  • Participants will list 3 practical ways of supporting themselves and others at the edge of chaos
Awakening to the Mystery

The quantity of information available to us is increasing daily due to advances in technology. Mystics say that such technology is mirroring the more subtle dissolving of the veils between the dimensions of reality, bombarding our consciousness with those things previously hidden in mystery until everything is revealed. We are facing true unity consciousness; the question is: are we ready?

Topics to include:

  • Understanding these extraordinary times
  • The apocalypse: revealing those things previously hidden
  • What you may experience as the veils dissolve.
  • Psychic versus Psychosis
  • How to stay grounded
Women's Seminars
We offer several seminars related to women’s issues. Please click here for further information or look under the Offerings tab on the menu above and select Women (brings you to the same page).

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