2012: Return of the Great Mother

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

2012 the Return of the Great Mother: New York 2008

May 2008 | Past Talks

This talk given at the Nan Lu clinic in NY includes; why emotions are necessary to change reality, why playfulness is vital for soul fulfillment, why women should wear skirts, how research shows time is elastic with changes made to the past, why it’s important to not ‘fall asleep’ at this time and how to make the most of the choices available PLUS a visual imagery exercise to tap into the rhythm of your soul.

Selected teaching from this seminar:
According to indigenous people, we’re in the midst of the apocalypse; the lifting of the veils when things previously hidden, except to certain people, will be revealed to all. Maori wisdom keepers say; when the veils dissolve, the Earth will reach its perfected state on the 12th dimension, becoming home to an enlightened humanity.

Some years ago, I experienced the following meditation which deepened my understanding of this time of renewal. In the meditation, I find myself kneeling in the warm sand of the desert watching my beloved teacher sculpting a fairly intricate mandala carefully in the sand. He looks up pleased with his efforts and then, without a word and with one swift move of his hand, he sweeps away the whole picture, until all that is left is the smooth, virginal sand.

He smiles; “Remember that despite appearances life is impermanent; here today gone tomorrow. All dreams and ideas arise from a primal source often described as the Great Mother or Ocean of Possibilities and it is to here that our creations will eventually return to fulfill their destiny.” He pauses and then with a glint in his eye asks; “Now, what image of your future do you wish me to create now” positioning his hand over the sand, ready to draw.

“But change can’t be as easy as merely sweeping one’s hand through the old and creating something new?” I ask with amazement at the simplicity. He smiles at my realization; “Of course it is; it always has been. You’ve just forgotten that you are an eternal being, whose power is to create and dissolve. In ancient times, we had the same skills as the gods and goddesses of traditional tales. But over time, our immortal identity was forgotten and such talents became buried in mythological stories as we became lost in the illusion of our reality.”

“Now is the time to take back these creative powers, develop your personal magician’s wand and embrace your creations; for in truth, you are the creator of a whole new world.”

“But why wouldn’t everybody want to take advantage of this extraordinary time in our history?” I ask, bemused.

He leans forward again and draws some numbers in the sand:

“As we move from the fourth to the fifth world, change is offered through the dissolution and transformation of the old. Yet despite the inherent gift of free will to the human race and the fact that many people feel that their life is a struggle and they wish for change, when the sand is wiped clear and choice is offered, 40 percent will instantly recreate what has just been swept away. Another 40 percent, unaware that they have a choice, will find that the challenge of the void is too much for them and they will instantly fall asleep or become unconscious mentally, remaining in this state until an external source reawakens them. Fifteen percent will become confused, which will be expressed as irritation, frustration, and disorientation, and 5 percent will understand, recognizing the opportunity to be vanguards and light bearers of a new creative cycle, both for themselves and for the world in general.”

Inside each of us is a part which recreates old patterns of behavior, a part whose eyes glaze over at the mention of change, a part which becomes irritated when we perceive a loss of control and a part which smiles as it surrenders to the loving embrace of inner knowing, emanating from our own heart.

Further teachings on the Return of the Great Mother can be found in Christine’s books 2012 and the Galactic Center; the Return of the Great Mother (also as audio book) and the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman.


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