Living On The Edge of Chaos

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

Living On the Edge of Chaos – Dallas 2009

January 2009 | Past Talks

This talk includes; how to surf the waves of change, why it’s time to let go of old attachments and stories which otherwise will drown us, the transition between the Piscean and Aquarian Age, what happens when individuals are offered freedom and abundance and a useful mantra when facing uncertainty PLUS a visual imagery exercise to connect to the light at the center of our heart.

Selected teaching from this seminar: How to live comfortably on the edge of chaos.
This special place – the edge of chaos – between structure and chaos is a powerful place of growth and transformation. Here our intention can become highly focused allowing all of our energy to be used to create our reality from the deepest part of our being, benefiting all concerned.

How to Live Comfortably on the Edge of Chaos

Learning to live comfortably & expansively in both poles of existence makes the edge of chaos an exciting reality and reminds us of our eternal nature.

Chaos reminds us to:

  • Celebrate the ocean of possibilities/unlimited abundance, available to us all in every moment
  • Remember; just because you’re good at doing something, it doesn’t mean you should keep doing it
  • Remember that what is known by the conscious mind/ the intellect is built upon past information and can never be the greatest source of new experiences and expansion of consciousness

Structure reminds us to:

  • Be accountable for our creations without becoming a victim to our choices
  • Remember that the Universe always surrounds us with love and support, despite any misperception of insecurity and loneliness
  • Remember we are more than our stories

Living on the Edge of chaos requires us to:

  • Remember we are amazing, eternal creative beings
  • Be willing to live with the uncertainty and excitement of change
  • Be willing to fully embrace and embody our experiences
  • Be willing to take risks living in both essence and structure/ spirit and matter
  • Live in the transformative power of the heart where everything exists in the Now including the past and the future.
  • Reclaim every part of the Self through the heart not driven by the shame of the past and fear of the future
  • Listen to the rhythm of the soul whose source is the heart: intuition
  • Re-own and maintain one’s power
  • Live in the alchemical vessel, the body
  • Connect through the earthchild chakra beneath the feet and the starchild chakra above the head.

Further teachings and exercises on the Living on the Edge of Chaos can be found in Christine’s books Spiritual Alchemy and 2012 and the Galactic Center; the Return of the Great Mother and through her audio Webs of Peace.


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