2012: Truths, Myths, DestinY

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

2012; Truths, Myths and the Fulfillment of our Destiny

January 2010 | Past Talks

This talk includes; various prophecies of the ancient people about 2012, why the Inca see it as the first time for humanity to live upon the Earth, how to ground ourselves more fully upon the planet, the importance of celebrating ourselves, why many are experiencing lucid dreams, why time is not linear but circular and why letting love into our hearts will help us in times of chaos PLUS a visual imagery exercise to connect fully to the heart’s resonance.

Selected teaching from this seminar:
It’s not the year 2012 which is important, but 2013 and beyond. For this is when we begin the next cycle of ages. It’s now we must decide upon our spiritual focus because this will establish the foundation for planetary consciousness for the next seven generations and for many cycles to follow.

The Maya say that 2012 is just the beginning, 2023 is the middle and 2038 is the time when, like an infant, we will feel steady enough to take baby steps towards a new way of living. They predict that between 2013 and 2023, we will experience many challenges as well as triumphs as we follow our own inner light towards a new direction for humanity. Ahead of us are many exciting years of change and opportunity as we emerge like the butterfly from the cocoon and into the golden years of unification with ourselves, others and the Divine. This is what we have been waiting for.

Yet, even as we stand at the doorway leading to expanded levels of consciousness and new horizons, it’s easy to feel a little reticent causing us to request as little disruption as possible to our present life, however imperfect it may be. Change is often perceived as a challenge especially when we can’t dictate the outcome and this is certainly one of those moments. However, the die was cast a long time again and there is no turning back. But there are certainly ways to make life easier so we spend less time fighting against the winds of change and more time going with the flow.

  • Make life simple, letting go of books and magazines never read, friendships which no longer nurture you, beliefs which make you feel small and inadequate and stories which are over.
  • Change meditation practices so you spend more time in your body and on the Earth rather than leaving your body. Divine insights are all around us, you don’t need to go looking for them.
  • Spend time in nature especially amongst flowers and birds both of which understand the link with cycles and seasons.
  • Follow your heart and not your head. Only the heart knows the unknown, the had can only create from the known.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Know you are loved and therefore connected to the divine flow of energy and can’t get it wrong!

Further teachings and exercises on the 2012 and beyond can be found in Christine’s books Spiritual Alchemy and 2012 and the Galactic Center; the Return of the Great Mother (also available in Spanish and as an audio book).


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