Courage to Change - Norwich 2010

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

Courage to Change – Norwich 2010

April 2010 | Past Talks

This talk given at an AOR event, includes; why change is essential for the soul, what is a dark night of the soul, why we make excuses rather than change, why keeping ourselves small doesn’t work PLUS a mantra for change and using the action number of numerology to help us change.

Selected teaching from this seminar: Calculating this year’s purpose through numerology
For many, change is scary; it represents being out of control, getting it wrong, facing the unknown or the fear of hurting those we love. Yet soul directed change always brings us closer to our own inner being, makes relationships more honest and takes us out of stagnant situations which cause us to feel frustrated, depressed, unfulfilled and resentful.

Your year’s purpose through numerology

Take for example as a date of birth: 10. 11. 1963
Add just the day and month together: 10 + 11 =3 (0 doesn’t count)
Create a single digit from the present year eg. 2013 = 6
Add the day/month and year together 3 + 6 = 9
This person is in a 9 year which starts on their birthday in the present year.


1 year: year of new ideas and beginnings, trying out new things while still completing some old things.
2 year: year to nurture the dream, create space for the ideas to take root, look at finances and encourage gifts and talents. May decorate or re-organize the home to nurture the new ideas.
3 year: year of planning, creating and learning. May involve designing business cards, networking, and enhanced communication.
4 year: year of hard work, turning plans into action through manifestation, discipline and practical application.
5 year: year of change and refinement, looking back over the past 4 years. Often involves a desire for travel, freedom and flexibility.
6 year: year to party, socialize, romance and be outgoing.
7 year: year to be introspective, have a sabbatical, attend meditation classes or go on a retreat. Not a year to try and push out with new ideas.
8 year: year to bring everything together and bring heaven onto earth. May involve drawing up contracts, arranging finances and success.
9 year: year of completion, endings and release. Not a year to try and start something new.

Further teachings and exercises on the courage to change and numerology can be found in Christine’s books Spiritual Alchemy and 2012 and the Galactic Center; the Return of the Great Mother. (Link to store)


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