Heartspeak, episode 1: What is Heartspeak?

Sep 27, 2017 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 0 comments

Welcome to Heartspeak Podcast!

Let me introduce myself. Having spent so many years speaking from my heart, listening to my heart, following my heart and advising clients & audiences to do the same, it felt only natural to call my podcast Heartspeak.

Speaking from the heart offers honest & open communication without blaming, shaming or from a desire for gain. And because the comments are based on my experiences, they can’t be disproved; they are just my simple and sincere truth at that moment.

Learn :
  • Ways to trust yourself and others so you can speak honestly from your heart.
  • How speaking from and listening with our hearts changes our relationships for the better.
  • How following the intuitive messages of our soul means we’ll fulfill our dreams & destiny.

Finally, there is a short meditation or visual imagery exercise to root yourself into Mother Earth.

Disclaimer: the meditation/visual imagery exercise should not be attempted while driving, on a treadmill, working with heavy machinery or any other situation when not seated or lying down with eyes closed.


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