Episode 90 Remember to Remember

Jun 25, 2020 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 0 comments

Anyone else wondering which way is up? Never fear it’s all part of our global spiritual awakening helped along by a major astrological event this week with Neptune retrograde in Pisces & Pluto & Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn. Layers of old emotional karma is being stirred up causing a dust storm so we can decide what is ours to own and what to release. Beneath this, are layers of mythology, all of which have defined us until now. Staying rooted in Mother Earth, connected to the moon & centered in our heart, allows us to chose what truth frees us & brings us home to our universal essence.

The meditation at the end of this episode should only be enjoyed when you’re in a place where you can comfortably close your eyes, i.e. not while driving or operating machinery.


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