Healthily Surfing the
Waves of Change

3 consecutive 90 min online seminars each with plenty of time for Q&A

Dates: March 27, April 3, and April 10

Times: 11am (MT) 1pm (ET) See world clock for other times

In the midst of chaos, our inner light shines bright.

Follow the light, trust your body, thrive, be inspired and feel the profound love that surrounds us all now. We’re living in a profound time of transformation, prophesied as the prelude to our entry into a new world of peace & prosperity.  As the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, change often feels chaotic & confusing as we release our hold on the old ways & prepare to float in the Great Mother’s cocoon until our wings are strong enough to fly.

But remember as highly evolved spiritual beings, we’ve been here before!

Join me as I share practical advice to ease the path of transformation, visionary insights into our future and offer you a mirror to see the amazing being you truly are.

These are the titles for the 3 workshops:

– Strengthening our Immunity for Change
– Connecting to what Matters
– Moving Forward with Courage & Inspiration

Through the three workshops you’ll learn how to:

– Easily optimize your personal immunity
– Make healthy decisions as to what nurtures your soul
– Work with the constant influx of information in a new way
– Trust and follow the wisdom of your heart and body
– Release those things that have outlived their usefulness
– Safely root into Mother Earth as she also transforms into the new world
– Listen to the intuitive wisdom of your soul
– Create communities of self-accountability, respect & support
– Birth a new world of unity through the acceptance of diversity

For more detailed information, download this pdf.

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