The Magic of Mother Nature: 30 day Online Course on Insight Timer

Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes & includes specific teachings with either an exercise or meditation

There’s never been a more important time to transform our relationship with our planet as together we undergo a profound paradigm shift in consciousness. Mother Nature is a conscious, vibrant, and communicative being, with a rich source of sustainable, creative energy.

Through teachings, exercises, and guided meditations, this 30-day course focuses on accessing and embracing her many wonders including the deva kingdoms, dragon energy, and animal magic.

By the end of the course, Mother Nature will have worked her magic, awakening within us our intuitive gifts and an intimate relationship with the spirit in all life.

Here’s a preview: Insight Timer Preview

To Register: Insight Timer Registration

The course is available via a subscription fee or as a single event.

Click the link above to listen to Day 1 for free; to start Day 2 you will prompted to purchase access to all the courses or pay to listen to only this course.

To be able to access the course classroom, please use the Insight Timer app.

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