Merging with the Moon: Resetting our Natural Rhythms

Are you ready to harmonize with your body’s rhythms & experience a greater sense of purpose & joy?

Do you want to connect to a celestial cycle that guides us towards a more unified & peaceful planet?

Even though movement is presently restricted on our planet, there’s one movement that can’t be stopped. Our beautiful silvery moon continues to spiral across the night sky revealing her various phases & reminding us that we too are cyclical.

Showing the same face wherever we are in the world, she unifies us by influencing the feminine waters of our creativity. She shows us that through a lunar month there are times to empty, to be still, to develop, to celebrate, to harvest and then to release.

It’s time to reset our natural rhythms, especially as women, allowing our inner and outer worlds to work together. Over decades, we’ve allowed ourselves to become increasingly disconnected from our body’s natural wisdom and innate power, becoming ‘mini-men.’

We are now in a period of intense transformation where the old world is dying away and the new peaceful world is waiting to be born. Nobody is better equipped to flow with these changes than women.

Whatever your age, I ask you to join me as we once again connect with the moon’s phases & reset our own unique frequency. Then together we can birth a more healthily & unified world worthy of the next 7 generations.  To better understand these lunar phases, please download this free pdf: Lunar Phases.pdf

How this will happen:

  • I’m offering 8 Heartspeak podcasts at the start of the 8 phases of the lunar month with practical advice as to how to merge with each phase. These podcasts can be found on my website:
  • Heartspeak podcasts are also available on iTunes, Podbean, YouTube, Stitcher, Spotify & iHeart Radio.
  • A link to each Heartspeak podcast will also be posted to Instagram & Facebook:
  • Comments & discussions will take place on the Private Facebook group: The Great Mother Calling
    Please ask to join.
  • Because of the different time zones, I suggest you download a moon app that allows you to know the exact timing of movement from one phase to the next in your location.
    App: The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases by Vitalii Gryniuk
  • Even though you may be following your own menstrual cycle, I suggest just for this month, you also follow the cycles of the moon.
  • For more information can be found in my books and courses:
    Heart of the Great Mother (Spiritual Initiation & Moon Phases)
    The Handbook of Women’s Mysteries (Wisdom & Rituals to Embody the Mysteries)
    Healing Power of the Sacred Woman (Health, Creativity & Fertility for the Soul)
    Women’s Mysteries for the Modern Woman (In depth teachings & meditations for empowerment)

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