Earth Mysteries

Heaven exquisitely expressed across our beautiful planet




Sacred Landscape, Spiritual Quickening

Immersing ourselves in the beauty and mysteries of Mother Earth

As I wandered among the megalithic stones of Stonehenge as a young child, an innate curiosity woke inside me, urging me to follow my intuition and explore sacred sites around the world, sometimes alone and sometimes leading a sacred tour.

Often located within sacred landscape and aligned to the movements of celestial bodies such as the sun and moon, some sacred sites are man-made such as the stone temples brilliantly built by the Maya, Inca, Chinese, Egyptians, Druids and Neolithic people.

Other power places are natural and act as portals into otherworldly realms including Uluru, Lake Atitlan, Mount Fuji, cenotes, wells and fairy tree forts. Guarded by mythical creatures such as dragons these portals are now becoming available to humanity as we enter the new world that awaits us.

The most mysterious sites are those that have us asking: ‘why or how?’ Via videos, you’re invited to journey virtually with me as we explore the official and my intuitive interpretation of a sacred place often linked to a meditation allowing your spirit to be awakened by the consciousness of these sacred places.

  • Earth Mysteries  invites you to travel with me virtually to some of my favorite most intriguing & beautiful places in the world. Through videos & meditations, I’ll share my intuitive insights & latest research, evoking a deep remembering & expansion of consciousness. 
  • The Magic of Mother Nature is a 30-day online course published by Insight Timer where my teachings, exercises & meditations are shared in 15-minute segments. Let Mother Nature’s magic awaken your intuitive gifts & intimate connection with life.

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