Soul Readings

You are an amazing & unique spiritual human being:

It is time to be seen and known for who you are!



Seeing Your Soul’s Blueprint

I have always possessed natural and unique intuitive gifts. Even as a child, I could see into the soul’s blueprint of an individual revealing not only the experiences of this life but of many lives. Through this ability to read subtle energy patterns, my insights include information on:

  • The soul’s purpose this life
  • How to make the most of one’s strengths and talents
  • Ways to recognize and clear obstacles which hinder progress
  • The psychospiritual message behind disease
  • The most effective way to fulfill spiritual destiny

The 50 minute telephone reading is recorded. Depending on your choice, you can either receive this as an MP3, via e-mail or on a CD. The reading is often enhanced by a review of your astrological chart and transits. If this interests you, please fill out this form to provide the necessary information when you make your appointment, here.

Cost: $180 (MP3) or $185 (CD-US only)


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