Spirit Mapping

 An Astrological Adventure and Experiential Feast



Come And embody your soul’s destiny.

Spirit Mapping is a unique astrological event described as “profound and life changing.” Limited to a maximum of 9 participants, it offers clear insight into the soul’s potential destiny or purpose, reflected in the participant’s astrological birth chart.

By using a “walk in” wheel laid out on the floor, each participant steps into their own chart and, for up to an hour, is able to see which aspects of the self or Soul have been neglected and which have been overplayed. Through the intuitive guidance of us, Christine and Leland, challenges are faced, gifts are celebrated and integration encouraged.

Spirit Mapping is a group experience, so that everybody is involved whether in creating sacred space, playing roles in another person’s chart, or listening to the astrology and astronomy teachings.

The seminar, over three days, is open to complete beginners as well as those who wish to deepen their knowledge of astrology through personal experience, with all involved as ‘mirrors’ and ‘creators’ of a sacred, loving space, the ideal setting to step into and remember.

We are always looking for people who are interested in hosting our astrological event. Please use our CONTACT FORM to make a request.

Hosting letter:  CLICK HERE for the pdf file.



  • In one hour, I embodied aspects of myself which would have taken 20 years to unearth in therapy.
  • I feel free, and love who I am for the first time in my life.
  • An incredible experience, far exceeding my expectations.
  • Within such a safe and loving space, I got in touch with feelings which I had conveniently buried out of fear and guilt.
  • This was an opportunity to embrace the power which I’d adapted out of my life due to shame. Watch out world here I come!
  • Listening to the CD made me realize how out of touch I was with the ‘me’ I love.

Cost: $550 per person.

All Spirit Mapping attendees must provide birth data prior to the event. 

Here is the online form for that purpose. All information is kept private, used only for the purpose intended, and will not be shared with anyone.


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