Stepping Courageously Into Mystery




Becoming the Amazing Woman You Were Born To Be

Do you see yourself as a pioneer or a spiritual leader?
Do you feel the urge to make changes in your own life but not know how?

The Great Mother is calling you; it’s time to embody the practices of our ancient sisters, embrace all parts of the feminine & birth a whole new world.

Yet, it’s easy to ignore her call; I’m busy, already in service, I have plans. But the dark goddess is patient; she waits for us to reach a tipping point when there’s no choice but to follow our heart into feminine mystery, surrendering our masculine created controls and beliefs.

Through musical journey meditations, we’ll descend into the realms of dragon energy, walking the same path of powerful archetypal figures such as Inanna, Persephone and Mary Magdalene.

The Great Mother makes few promises, except that, by releasing your load, you’ll experience the exquisite embrace of connecting to the amazing woman you were born to be.

  • Answering the call of our heart’s intuition
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs & identities
  • Feeling into Healing
  • Learning how to keep centered in the midst of a busy day
  • Emptying our sacred bowl of old, unhealthy energies
  • Speaking from Womb wisdom
  • Rooting into creative dragon energy
  • Coming home to Mother Earth’s love
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