Women's Seminars

 Women of the World today deserve Equality, Freedom, Respect & Joy



Bringing Healing, Empowerment & Honor to all Women

It is time for women to embody and express their inherent power and gifts, suppressed over 3000 years ago. As women, our power can’t be measured as a physical strength as it innate within the very matrix of what it is to be a woman; our rhythms, our curvaceous shape, our natural connection to the lunar and earth cycles, our powerful intuitive wisdom and our desire to love.

Are you ready to take your place as a leader in all areas of society around the world? Women do not lead through hierarchical structures but by nurturing healthy communities. As women in leadership, we always seek co-operative partnerships where egos are laid aside and we seek the best sustainable solution for future generations.

It is time for us, as women, to heal our hearts and wombs, building healthy relationships built on honor and respect. Women are always stronger together , birthing a new world of harmony, not from our wounds, but from honest compassion.

Here’s what I offer to support your healing, and empowerment.

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