Heartspeak, Episode 54:   2020 Vision

Dec 5, 2019 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 4 comments

Despite present day chaos, many exciting features await us in the 2020s. Listen & learn how the so called junk DNA is waking up to inform of our spiritual ancestry including to the star people, why time is dissolving and how access to our multidimensional Universe is now becoming available to us. The New World is calling!


  1. Kyra

    I have always known I was form the stars. I quit saying it because even my dearest friends said “your here on earth, stop dreaming about the stars.” I can look at them for hours while spending time with the moon. Aw I listened to the podcast I threw my hands I in the air, tears streaming down my face and shouted Oh thank you Angels,. Someone understands what I know.

  2. Niranjana Patel

    Dear, dear Christine,
    I listened to your 2020 Vision podcast last Sunday, and I was so excited by the title of the podcast and completely blown away by your sentence “someone asked me about what 2020 signifies”.
    I was sure you were speaking about me and to me as I had emailed you the question:
    “What is the significance of the year 2020?”
    I called my sister (who has attended one of your events and met you and also introduced you to me) and told her, how I thought you were referring to my question.
    Thank you for the clarity and I now know that I don’t need to explain my excitement about the significance of the year 2020, but carry out my vision of events for my local community and plant what is waiting to be born of me and plant that seed.
    With gratitude

    Niranjana x

  3. Niranjana Patel

    And I forgot to mention,

    At some time today, I remembered the crocus bulbs I have in the garage and thought that I should plant them next week, as I had already planted some in October.
    I hadn’t realised that the image for the 2020 Vision podcast was crocus growing, because the first time I listened to the podcast last Sunday was on You tube. Not simply a coincidence, I think.

    Thank you again,


    • christinepage

      Oooh that’s a wonderful synchronicity, blessings Christine


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