Episode 060 The Art of Healthy Responsibility

Feb 27, 2020 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 2 comments

Do you see yourself as a responsible person? The answer may be easy in simple matters. But when it comes to family & friendships, it’s important to ask: whose needs am I responding to? Discover ways to express healthy responsibility that is good for all.


  1. amynguyen

    After my recent session with you, this was a very good podcast to hear. I feel lighter…knowing that it’s not my responsibility to help to heal anyone. (You had mentioned that I may have diabetes 1 as a way of healing my mothers deepest pain). I know I have felt some responsibility to helping others and have felt horrible when I couldn’t help in recent times. To understand that it is only my responsibility to work on myself and be here to show the beauty and joy I feel in textiles, taichi, qigong… it is lovely to entertain. To draw on my own light and share with others is so beautiful and simple and I have been lucky to experience this some in recent years in small ways. I also have some family and friends who think I am extremely self-centered and selfish when I take pleasure in taichi and qigong and my textile studio. I think I have to prove to those people how difficult it is on a subliminal level, so I make my life harder, I don’t accept payment, so that I can push down some of what is good for me and show these people how much I struggle. My goodness, our relationships are so complex. Deep sigh. As I continuously let go, I experience both deep relief and exhaustion. It is really a practice and you are a supportive light. Thank you.

    My question involves the earth. I have focused on best practices for the earth in my textile work. Am I bypassing something here and trying to heal something that is not mine? Or is it a beneficial practice to do what is best for the earth in one’s field, all at the same time, working on oneself? I hope that question makes sense, I think it is subtle but important to clarify.

    • christinepage

      Hi Amy
      Good to read comments about our session together. In answer about your question re planet Earth (I hope I have your question correct), yes it is always good to do what is best for the planet: first do no harm and celebrate her gifts. Just remember that as you treat the Earth, you treat your own body and yourself: they are all connected. Be kind in all ways, blessings Christine


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