Episode 69 Stepping Beyond Self Doubt

May 3, 2020 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 2 comments

As we approach the full moon, this gibbous waxing moon phase, addresses feelings of worthiness. If there is self-doubt, we may meet unrealistic expectations (our own or others), a yearning to please others, a need to ‘fit in’ or a tendency to compare ourselves with others. Through the meditation, we set ourselves free to shine in our own unique light.


  1. Niranjana Patel

    Christine, I’ve had two grey days and after the meditation today (4th May), I went for a walk, I cooked a dish from a made-up recipe, I sang to gospel songs and danced like I haven’t danced for a long time. THANK YOU XX

    • christinepage

      Fabulous: keep singing and dancing love Christine


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