Episode 71 Meeting Our Future

May 9, 2020 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 2 comments

Here, as we merge with the disseminating waning moon, we’re being asked to fertilize our
dreams by heeding the call of our future self. But to be able to pass through the eye of the needle or doorway into our future, we must first release any baggage to our past & become innocent or ‘In-no-Sense’ (get out of our minds). Only then can we tap into ‘inner sense’ or our intuition and then open our hearts to our future self embracing them via the meditation at the end of the podcast.


  1. Niranjana Patel

    I did the meditation on 10th May. Whilst I waited to enter through the door I thought I would see myself dressed in my favourite outfit. I was s surprised to see a slightly pear or balloon shaped peachy colour light like the old style bulbs, pulsing gently.

    • christinepage

      Stay with your feelings of this encounter & perhaps return to see if you can gain more information. Ask yourself: what adjectives describe the peachy color for instance?


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