Episode 81 Embracing Mystery

May 20, 2020 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 2 comments

Here in the dark moon phase, we’re entering the mysterious unknown, closing our physical eyes & mouth – preventing our mind from asking questions – and listening & seeing with our intuitive heart & insightful third eye. This is not new to us; we’ve done it before. We just need to trust our loving soul & those in spirit surrounding us. Then journey with me through the aura of Mother Earth, embracing the profound network of mystery that awaits us.


  1. Dawn Akers

    What a beautiful meditation, Christine. It felt so easy, and so natural, to go to the deepest parts of myself, and to the other dimensions of this loving home. Thank you, as always, with much love. xx

  2. Niranjana Patel

    I like to touch tree trunks; today I put my palms on a tree trunk and remembered the meditation. I felt the strongest pull on my body and feet. I asked “Who are you?” but quickly moved away. Non of the other trees had the same pull.


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