Episode 94 Living the Life We Choose

Jul 23, 2020 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 2 comments

When things are uncertain & changing every day, it’s easy to believe that all we can do is get tossed around by the storm. But even though we may not be able to control external events, our inherent free will always ensures that we can choose how to react to any situation, making wise & intuitive decisions that resonate with our loving soul. The choice is ours.


  1. Stephanie Antona

    Hi Christine, I so loved listening to this particular heartspeak on choice. It resonated as you would say. Hearing about your dressing up box was such a good way to describe how we pick up and put on different identities and labels. I find I can feel a victim to circumstance quite often as a single parent and having to work full time and as a person who has asthma, no longer an asthmatic! I have had a deep knowingness like you, feeling I was going to be something/do something important but never knew what. Recently I’ve had an idea around providing a mental health service ( I work in this field) and it niggles away but found myself annoyed because I want to go for it but I don’t know how and definitely have no money to invest. But it just won’t go away! Listening to your podcast about making choices has left me thinking I need to make a choice to go for it or put it to rest but not choose to be scared that I couldn’t do it or that that I’m not worthy of doing it, that that’s what other people do, following their dream, not me.

    • christinepage

      Hi Stephanie. Bless your honesty & yes these are such common ‘inner comments’ that squelch our uniqueness. Out of window they go!
      My suggestion: start small & make it enjoyable. I teach, speak & write because I enjoy this & I would do the same, even if nobody listened!
      Abundance flows when we experience pleasure in what we’re doing because that’s what others are attracted to.
      Know you are surrounded by cheerleaders who have no expectations but that you live your passion & express your dreams.


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