Episode 121 Trusting Our Own Psychic Gifts

Jan 28, 2021 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 2 comments

Are you sensitive to other people’s energy? Do you believe you’re psychic ? Everyone has innate psychic gifts to varying degrees. But in my experience, by not openly owning our psychic gifts, we can inadvertently absorb energy from our environment that then impacts our moods. By trusting our psychic gifts, we reduce over-reaction & enhance our ability to make healthy intuitive decisions.


  1. Steph

    Dear Christine,

    This was one of my favourite Heartspeaks, it was as if you were talking directly to me! I have listened to all 121 as you have released them and have been fascinated but sort of detached as if they were for other people with hugely more psychic, intuitive and empathic energy than me.

    As a mental health social worker based in the Midlands in England I work with people with anxiety,depression, psychosis, personality disorder, bi-polar, and also as an AMHP, I with psychiatrists assess and detain individuals to acute mental health hospital when risks are high.

    All you said about a knowingness made sense as I don’t see auras or hear or see spirits although I wish I did but I do have this knowingness that comes from no-where I thought! I somehow know really quickly how a person is REALLY feeling and what their essence is, not often what they are pretending or hiding.

    This has helped me over the years to gain trust quickly and work with the most challenging individuals that others have not been able to do. The down-side to this, I now realise from what you were saying is that I don’t know when to stop, when to stop going the extra mile, I like being overwhelmed because I feel heroic which validates my need to be indispensable and to please ! I need to be needed. I’m a Virgo too which you said is also a ” must try harder” and that’s me, the person is relapsing because I haven’t tried the right therapeutic tool or I had to cancel a home visit at short notice.

    You mentioned Solar plexus. This year i’ve had two emergency operations, one for a Giant Hiatus Hernia where almost all my stomach had pushed through my diaphragm into my chest cavity and then another three months later when my colon decided to do the same! I’m now wondering after what you said that I’m ignoring this area, storing up energy or emotions or sadness or something, fascinating!

    It’s as if you were shining a light on me as you talked. I do manipulate too, that’s my darker side of wanting to be the one to make it all right so that I know it’s me that helped so that I can feel good . This is more in my family though, adult son is a Cancerian so that made me smile.

    My future, I hope,one-day, partner of ten years in a long distance relationship, he lives in Herts, is a Scorpio. I again smiled but he doesn’t seem to want to try harder often, more he hides, goes quiet on me for a few days or weeks when he feels he is in the wrong or I’m upset or frustrated with him?

    I wonder too, that the must try harder for him as a Scorpio is part of the reason he remains unhappily in a marriage but ardently loves me? Although there is no love between them, he maybe feels he cannot leave because he forever thinks he is a failure if he walks away as he often says he is a martyr, has to sacrifice his love for me to do the right thing and stay however unhappy he is.

    In terms of telepathy, I remember one day, I texted to him, the sky was a beautiful Wedgewood blue. Thought nothing of it until he replied saying he couldn’t believe it as he had been reading a magazine article written by his father who also described the sky as Wedgewood . He had thought to himself prior to my text, what an a nice analogy and rather girlie for his dad to write like that!

    Thank-you so very much Christine.

    • christinepage

      Thank you Steph for sharing your amazing insights. May I suggest imagining closing your solar plexus like a flower closing, rooting your self in Mother Earth and trustng your heart’s inner knowing when you meet people. It causes far less strain on the body & emotions. Bless you for your wonderful work, warm wishes Christine


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