Astrology can be traced back thousands of years ago to the ancient Babylonians.

You’ve seen astrology readings in popular magazines and newspapers, and there’s a good chance you even have a horoscope app downloaded on your phone. To some people, it’s a fun thing to look at while others take it very seriously.

If you’re wanting to become more serious about astrology, it’s important to fully understand it. There are lots of moving parts, but you’ll understand it soon with practice and research.

Below is an in-depth guide on astrology and how you can use astrology readings for your self-development. It’s much more than daily horoscopes!

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial bodies and the effect they have on Earth and its inhabitants. Just like many psychological tools and tests, individuals can look to the alignments of the planets and stars to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Many astrologers pay close attention to the planets’ movements and the relationships between the planets to offer interpretations regarding a person’s current energy, future plans, and overall personality. This is why you’ll hear many people ask an astrologer about their career, love life, family life, etc.

It’s important to keep in mind astrologers and psychics are not the same thing. While someone may have a mixture of abilities, astrologers don’t predict the future. Astrologers offer insight and guidance.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are several important things to keep in mind when either learning how to read an astrology chart or receiving an astrology chart reading. Many people can find aspects of astrology intimidating so use these reminders to calm your nerves.

Nothing is Written in Stone

Has your daily astrology reading ever left you scared and anxious? Life isn’t perfect so the stars may reflect that. However, astrology isn’t perfect either.

Nothing said in an astrology reading is written in stone and forever permanent. While an astrologer may have a strong natural ability to offer guidance, keep in mind you ultimately have free will.

If an astrologer picks up on negative energy in a life event or decision, seek guidance on how to transform this event into a positive learning moment. If your astrology reading highlights a not-so-great character flaw of your sign, gather resources to improve yourself.

Astrology Isn’t a Permanent Label

Speaking of zodiac signs (which we’ll get more into later), keep in mind that astrology doesn’t place permanent labels on individuals of particular signs. The signs may typically display particular traits according to astrology, but these traits aren’t 100% true for each person. Each human is unique.

Do you hear a common label being placed on your zodiac sign? Be aware of these common traits, and seek out further understanding of yourself. You can even schedule a soul reading for guidance in self-exploration.

Zodiac Traits Aren’t an Excuse for Toxic Behavior

It’s becoming more common for people to blame their zodiac signs for poor behavior. Astrology may highlight the tragic character flaws of an individual, but it doesn’t provide a free pass for causing trouble.

People say Cancers are possessive, Aquariuses are easily angered, Virgos are judgmental, etc. Even if people say these things, an Aquarius must not blame screaming at their co-worker on being an Aquarius just as much as a Virgo must not blame teasing someone on being a Virgo. (And so on.)

At the end of the day, we must take responsibility for our actions.

Daily Placements vs. Natal Chart Placements

When learning how to read an astrology chart, remember the planets are always moving. And even though the planets are always moving, the stars are fixed for millennia. The sky is mathematically divided into 12 zodiacs that you’ll use for readings.

Don’t confuse daily astrological charts with your natal birth chart. Your natal birth chart reflects the alignment of the planets at the moment you were born. This natal chart alignment is what determines your personal signs.

Keeping track of the current changes of the planets with a daily astrology reading will highlight important periods for your particular sign or for humanity as a whole. Look to the galactic bodies above for clues on any energy shifts you may be feeling.

Reading Your Natal Chart: The Three Major Signs

To begin reading your natal chart, you’ll need to know the exact time, day, and location of your birth. You can find plenty of tools online to create a chart by simply searching, “online birth chart”.

As you select which tool to use, remember that while there are set guidelines for astrology, each tool will read your chart a bit differently. In the same way, each astrologer will read the planets in their own unique style.

Sun Sign

The sun sign is the first sign of the three major legs of your birth chart. It’s the one you use to find your horoscope in a magazine. Your sun sign reflects which zodiac sign in the sky the sun was aligned with when you were born.

Your sun sign touches on your Ego. It shapes how you identify yourself and what drives you forward in life.

Moon Sign

To determine your moon sign, look at which zodiac sign the moon aligned with when you were born. Your moon sign speaks on your deepest emotions and what moves you. It shows you what you need to feel secure and nurtured.

Because it reflects our inner desires, many people turn to their moon sign in making large life decisions.

Ascendant Sign

The constellation that was on the horizon during your birth determines your ascendant sign. Ascendant signs change every 2 hours so that’s why you need to be exact with your date of birth!

Your ascendant sign is what you display to people when first meeting them. It’s how others perceive you.

The Planets

Astrology looks at the movement of the planets, including the sun and moon, to reflect on a current moment’s energy. During a reading, an astrologer may look to the planets to offer insight regarding your financial development, spiritual growth, and own personal empowerment.

Each planet has control over different aspects. Knowing these aspects will help you understand the inner workings of your life path, self-development, and those around you.

Here’s a list of what each planet has control over:

  • Sun- Ego, vitality
  • Moon- Emotions, moods, habits
  • Mercury- Communication, thinking patterns
  • Venus- Material possessions, adoration, love/pleasure
  • Mars- Action, courage and bravery, passions
  • Jupiter- Abundance, growth
  • Saturn- Discipline, ambition
  • Uranus- Reformation, rebellion
  • Neptune- Imagination, mysticism, dreams
  • Pluto- Death, rebirth, power

The Houses

Now that you know more about the planets, it’s time to look at the 12 Houses of astrology that represent different facets of your life. Always remember the wheel of the 12 houses is a different wheel than the zodiac wheel.

The zodiac wheel focuses on the sun’s rotational movements. The Houses reflect Earth’s daily axial rotation.

As a quick guide for understanding the relationship between the Houses, planets, and signs, memorize:

  • Houses- Where the energy plays out
  • Planets- What energy is played out
  • Zodiac signs- How the energy is played out

Let’s dive deeper into the houses. You’ll start having deeper answers to your lifelong questions once figuring all of this out.

1st House

The first house is the house of ‘self’. This house speaks on your physical appearance and temperament. Because it’s the first house, it’s also the house of new beginnings. You’ll see a lot of manifestations reveal themselves as planets pass through the 1st house.

The Aries sign is correlated with this house.

2nd House

When we’re talking finances, material belongings, and property, we’re talking about the 2nd house. Not only does the 2nd house correlate with money, but it also speaks on our covered emotions.

You’ll find major Taurus energy in thishHouse.

3rd House

If you’re having trouble speaking your mind, look at your 3rd house. This house is everything communication, community, local travel, and transportation. It carries the energy of the Gemini sign.

Because everything we do in life requires communication, use this house as a key part of your self-improvement.

4th House

Found at the base of the chart, this house correlates with home and family life. You’ll find all you need to know about your relationships with family (blood or not) and pets in this House. The sign associated with the 4th house is Cancer.

Not only can you discover more about your current relationships with family in the 4th house, but you can also use it to learn more about ancestry, your roots, and your relationship with maternal figures.

5th House

The 5th house is all about pleasure. Pleasure, for you, may look like creativity or romance. This house of Leo energy is all about doing what tickles your fancy, whether that’s diving into a new art project or having an orgasm.

If you’re in the midst of an artist block, look to your 5th house for some help.

6th House

Your 6th house deals with health and brings a Virgo energy. The original body of your being is found in the 5th house, but the body you create with your daily habits and routines is found in the 6th House.

Use this house for guidance on assessing your mental and physical energy. It may be time to get more sun or get out some sugar.

7th House

Use the 7th house to discover more about life-altering, long-term partnerships. This includes business partnerships, deep friendships, and romantic relationships.

Dig deeper into your 7th house to learn more about the qualities you look for in a partner and the types of agreements you’re establishing with those around you. You’ll find a Libra energy in this house.

8th House

Carrying major Scorpio energy, this house is all about the power of sex, death, and transformation. Tap into the energy of the 8th house for self-transformation, steamy partnerships, and psychic matters.

Let the 8th house serve as a reminder that we may give in to our deepest desires, but that we also must be prepared to let go and embrace change.

9th House

In an astrology chart reading, the 9th house represents philosophy, culture, long-distance travel, and knowledge. Planetary movements into this house may bring expansion and adventure in certain areas.

The Sagittarius energy of the 9th house reminds us to always be curious and open-minded as life goes on. Don’t lose your sense of wonder.

10th House

Located at the top of the birth chart, the 10th house is about popularity, authority, and public achievements. You’ll find Capricorn energy in this house and information on your relationship to paternal figures.

Are you having trouble with your career choices? Speak to an astrologer about your 10th house.

11th House

Guaranteed to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, the 11th house is all about friendship, clubs, and philanthropy. Aquarius energy corresponds with this House.

If you’re feeling unsupported in life, dive deeper into your 11th house. It sheds light on what we need to feel nurtured and supported in life.

12th House

This final house talks about the power of the unconscious. It’s all things unseen and brings forth Pisces Energy.

Learn more about the prison you’ve built around yourself and your mind in this House. This house also reveals more about our unseen enemies and hidden secrets.

Understanding an Astrology Reading

Astrology is an ancient practice and is used by many for guidance and insight. If you’ve gotten an astrology reading in the past, you gained clarity towards major decisions and your own self-transformation.

Understanding the details of astrology can be tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. Take time to study the zodiac signs, planets, and houses for better insight into who you are and how you function within this life. Seek out an astrologer for guidance if you feel stuck.

Beyond the practice of astrology, there are many other tools to help with self-empowerment and transformation. Use the tools Christine Page created for your spiritual development and healing. Check out the complete list of offerings, and contact us today.

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