Every year thousands of people enter their spiritual journey without a defined purpose. They place their faith in the journey, but struggle with feeling adrift in the universe. The lack of direction often becomes a hindrance to their path toward spiritual development.

So, at what point on your spiritual journey should you seek purpose?

The answer is the moment you are ready. Whether you have just begun your spiritual journey or have been on your path for a while, you can find your soul’s purpose.

On your own, the search for purpose seems daunting, even impossible. But, you are not alone. Connecting with a spiritual healer for a soul reading could be what you need to kickstart your spiritual awakening.

Read on to find out more about soul readings and if they are right for you.

What Is Soul Reading?

Your soul emits an energy that is invisible to the naked eye, called an aura. During a soul reading, the reader sees your aura using their third eye chakra. In doing so, they open up a wealth of knowledge.

As they read your soul’s aura, a soul reader uncovers the blueprint of your soul.

Soul Reading VS Standard Reading

A standard psychic reading focuses on answering specific questions. You sit down with a medium and they use their preferred methods of divination to answer your questions.

These readings are valuable to your immediate, shallower inquiries.

They answer questions like, “Will I get that promotion?” or “Is he going to propose?” While those are important questions to pursue, they don’t dig deep.

On the other hand, a soul reading looks at your very core. It digs deep and uncovers truths about your soul from its creation to the end of time.

Enlightenment through soul readings will inform and enrich you as you continue on your spiritual journey.

A comprehensive soul reading like the one we offer will cover a variety of topics. It will teach you how to capitalize on your strengths, recognize obstacles in your path, and guide you toward fulfilling your spiritual destiny.

And, of course, it will show you the true purpose of your soul.

Tapping into the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are how soul readers tap into your aura and read your soul’s past, present, and future.

On a dimension higher than ours is one called Akasha. Like quantum theory tells us, infinite parallel universes exist for every decision made. Akasha keeps track of all the events happening in all the universes.

From your mother’s eyelash to your very soul, anything that has existed or will exist holds a record in Akasha. Connecting to the Akashic records, a soul reader can learn about your soul’s past and future.

By interpreting the Akashic Records of your soul, a reader learns about your past life and its traumas. They will tell you if you are carrying those traumas with you in this life. Most importantly, they show you how to heal from it.

The Akashic Records also show your soul reader what is in store for your soul’s future. This act of prophecy is how a soul reading helps you discover your purpose.

Some people may hesitate for fear of a bad outlook on their future. While the Akashic Records hold information about your future, you must never forget that you create your own path.

The soul reading will only reveal what will happen if you stay on the path you are on. The decisions you make after can divert that path, pushing you toward a better future.

Things that create obstacles toward your positive outcome are blockages. They can be things, energies, or even people. Changing your outcome means you must overcome your blockages.

Your soul reader will act as a conduit from the Akashic Records to you, identifying your blockages and showing you how to overcome them.

What Is the Role of a Soul Reader?

Everyone has some level of psychic ability. Therefore, anyone can access the Akashic Records. Which begs the question: Why do you even need a soul reader?

Well, a soul reader is more than a person with psychic ability. Soul readers have worked years to hone their abilities. They become a spiritual guide for your reading through their experience and intuition.

A practiced reader will be able to give you the best reading possible. They are quicker to access the Akashic Records and read your aura due to their heightened intuition.

They can also withstand the mental and physical toll it takes to access higher dimensions for long periods of time. Their resilience is your best friend as they access many records to give you a comprehensive reading.

Most importantly, they guide you through the entire reading. They know how to interpret the visions they receive from your aura where others may not.

Even experienced mediums sometimes only give vague prophecies in standard readings. Only soul readers have the necessary keen intuition that is fine-tuned to the Akashic Records. They will walk you through the visions and read them with the most accuracy.

So, while access to the Akashic Records is available to all, a soul reader is critical to entering the journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening through a soul reading.

Who Should Get a Soul Reading?

You are probably wondering by now if a soul reading is right for you. We cannot pretend to know the answer to that question. Only you can be sure.

Here are some questions that can help guide you toward a decision:

  • Does my path have a purpose?
  • Do I understand what obstacles are in my path?
  • Am I taking advantage of my talents?
  • Do I have trauma from this or a past life that needs healing?
  • Do I feel connected to my ancestors or spirit guides?

If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to any of those questions, you might want to consider a soul reading for yourself.

But, the best way to know for sure is the answer to this question, “Am I in need of a spiritual awakening?”

Yes? Then you are seeking answers that a soul reading can provide.

Expectations and Recommendations

Getting ready for your first soul reading can be unnerving. But, you have nothing to worry about. We want you to have the best experience possible.

So, follow along to learn how to prepare for your reading and what to expect before, during, and after your reading.

Before the Reading

We would like to advise against the temptation to show up for your soul reading unprepared. The soul reading is an awakening experience. But improper preparation can distract from your reading.

First, set your intentions! The answers you seek will be more clear and accurate if you focus on them before and during your reading.

Think about finding purpose, removing blockages, and healing during your pre-reading meditation. Try using these affirmations:

  • I am positive, calm, and at peace
  • I am finding my purpose and forging my destiny
  • I can heal from my past
  • I am entering a spiritual awakening that will unlock my potential
  • I can see the obstacles in my life and I am removing them

Next, clear out your energy. The energy you bring to your reading has an effect on your reader’s abilities. Negative energy can make it difficult to read your soul’s aura.

So, do your best to remain positive before you show up. If possible, try to meditate for about 10 minutes prior. Calm your emotions and let go of tension.

When you release that tension, you provide your soul reader with a clear path to your soul’s records.

Finally, the reading is more effective if the reader can review your birth chart before your appointment. Your birth chart is a map of all the planets in their relation to the sun at the moment of your birth.

When you sign up for a reading with us, you can fill out our birth information questionnaire. All the information you need should be available on your birth certificate.

After you submit your information, we will review your chart. It tells us who you are by incorporating all the astrological elements from your birth.

Therefore, your chart gives us the most comprehensive representation of who you are astrologically. It helps inform our interpretations of your soul reading.

During the Reading

Though the results of a soul reading are different than standard readings, you will find the experience is similar. You show up to your appointment, meet your reader, and have your reading.

Our soul readings last 50 minutes. This gives us ample time to explore the records we need to uncover your soul’s purpose. From interpreting your past to seeing what the future holds, we can learn a lot in that time.

Our soul readings also happen over the phone. Other readers may conduct in-person appointments, but we find telephone readings more efficient.

That is because distance helps dull potential blockages. Your emotions can be distracting to a reader. While from a distance we still sense your weariness or stress, it is less impactful to our abilities.

Once the appointment begins, we will read your soul’s aura and tap into your akashic records. This is when questions begin getting answers.

A complete soul reading begins with regression into past lives. During the regression, you may also connect with your spiritual guides or ancestors.

Then, we start to assess your current status and look toward the future. We begin to identify blockages and work on healing. Then we see your destiny based on your current path.

In this part of the soul reading, you will learn about your soul’s purpose. We will explore your destiny together and discover how you can fulfill it.

Expect the entry into the akashic records to be a spiritual journey of its own. As your reader helps open the channels of your soul, you may experience a variety of sensations and effects.

Not uncommon is the phenomenon of connected imagery. You may experience visions through the eye of your reader.

These visions are normal, and you should not become panicked. Rather, embrace them as you open your own psychic channels during your soul reading.

After the Reading

The mental and emotional exhaustion you experience after a soul reading may be intense. You should prepare to take personal time after your reading.

Find a distraction-free safe space to process your emotions. Meditate for a while on what you learned during the soul reading. This process will rejuvenate your emotions.

It will also let you physically recover. Though it seems insignificant, you should not ignore the physical toll of a soul reading.

The energy flowing through your body during a reading may make you feel weak and tired. Post-reading meditation allows you to regain your strength.

Moreover, meditation allows the insights from your soul reading to mature. As you think about the reading, you learn more about your soul and deepen your spiritual awakening.

Overall, meditation allows you to take care of your emotional and physical state while getting the most out of your reading. Try to dedicate at least ten minutes after your reading to reflective meditation.

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Purpose?

If you are ready to learn more about the purpose your soul has in our universe, do not hesitate to learn more about our offerings.

We are passionate holistic healers ready to help you on your journey toward a spiritual awakening. We’ve been working with the way of the sacred woman for 20 years and are dedicated to helping women everywhere fulfill their purpose.

Scheduling a soul reading with us is easier than ever through our website.

When you sign up, you will be able to fill out your birth information so we can reference your birth chart. Your session will also be recorded and sent back to you via CD or MP3.

This convenience will allow you to revisit and meditate on your reading for years to come, drawing deeper insights as you traverse your path.

Don’t wait to discover your purpose any longer. Schedule a reading today so we can help you find your way.

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