Aligning traditional medicine and alternative methods (or complementary) is something that more and more people are interested in and Dr. Christine Page is proof that the combination is possible. A doctor since the 70’s in the United Kingdom, Dr. Page didn’t close the door on the intuitive aspect and we can get in touch with that interesting perspective in her books, courses and online presence. Here’s our interview we did with her this week.

When did you discover that you are intuitive? In truth, I’ve never known a time when I wasn’t intuitive, although like any child, I didn’t know that everybody wasn’t seeing and reading energy around people. I fortunately ‘chose’ to be raised in a family where being psychic wasn’t seen as strange or unnerving; my mother came from a long lineage of wise and intuitively ‘fey’ women.

During my childhood, I was surrounded by healers, mediums, homeopaths and metaphysical teachers. I thought it was normal to listen to the channeled insights of a 4000-year-old Egyptian. My parents’ motto was clear: Respect everyone’s opinion, but only absorb information that resonates with your own heart and mind. I’ve always trusted this inner knowing and it’s never let me down.

But the greatest gift of my innate intuition, is that I’ve never felt disconnected from the spirit world, whether this is from departed loved ones, spirit guides, my star family or elementals here on Earth. Because of this eternal connection, I’ve always feel unconditionally loved. A rare treat.

Was being an intuitive ever an issue as you pursued a medical career? There are challenges to being intuitively sensitive as a child. Since I could see, not only the person standing in front of me but also many of their subpersonalities, I was confused & escaped by hiding, commonly described by my parents as an extremely shy child.

In my teens, my sensitivity extended to the suffering of others. Now, I took another way out: I learned to faint when the feelings were too much. You may therefore say it was a strange decision to decide to become a MD where suffering abounds!

But this was one of those essential soul decisions based on my deep compassion for humanity and a desire to enable wholeness and health in everyone I meet. Of course, in medical school I very quickly learned that fainting was not an option and developed healthy emotional boundaries.

Can you tell us how your intuitive awareness helped you in your career? I think every doctor and nurse will tell you about times when their intuitive ‘hunch’ saved a life.

I remember seeing a patient in ER who was complaining of stomach pain. All the tests had come back negative & I was being urged to send the patient home. But I knew we were missing something and decided to keep him in the hospital overnight. Just as dawn broke, he had a massive heart attack and was easily resuscitated because of my intuitive hunch.

I also recall meeting a young boy whose symptoms seemed strange and could have been dismissed. But I persevered and eventually found that his mother was chronically abusing him.
Such hunches are based on experience, information and a trust in our sixth sense.

How did you integrate traditional with complementary medicine? Britain is very unique in its acknowledgement of alternative medicine due to an ancient law. This means complementary therapies have been accepted by orthodoxy for decades. Patients have free access to healing, homeopathy, acupuncture and many other healing methods.

With my childhood background, it was natural that I would create one of the first integrative health centers within Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) in the mid-1980s.
Along with three other partners, our 9000 NHS patients had ready access to aromatherapy, relaxation, psychotherapy, homeopathy, Tai Chi and lectures on many interesting metaphysical subjects.

Our only consideration was: what is the best treatment for the patient? Financial incentives were not involved.

What made you move away from full-time practice into teaching? In 1990, I published my first book Frontiers of Health linking different diseases to different chakras emphasizing the understanding that illness is a message from the soul. During this time, I was deeply involved with holistic medicine where health is considered to be a synthesis of the wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit.

After running a very successful, integrative practice in London, I realized that patients were becoming too reliant on someone else’s expertise, unaware of their own innate healing gifts.

Therefore, I wound down my practice and began teaching seminars internationally on subjects such as Enhancing your Intuition, listening to the Wisdom of the Body and the Courage to Change, all of which encourage self-healing, self-accountability and trusting our inner knowing.

You started your career in the United Kingdom and later moved to the US. Do you believe people in one place, or the other are more open to your kind of treatment and medicine view? In 2001, I crossed the pond and made a new home in the US. I was fortunate to be contracted to teach intuition to hundreds of health care professionals through a three-level training with NICABM, called Navigating the Soul’s Journey.

What I quickly learned is that although alternative therapies are far less integrated within the US orthodox medical system, Americans are more likely to enter therapy to understand themselves.

This means that participants at my seminars or those who request an astrological soul reading are more likely to take and run with what I’ve shared. I’m privileged to have seen amazing personal transformations in my work.

Please share a message for our readers in these challenging times. We’re in the middle of a profound time of transformation that is said never to have been attempted on this planet before: the ascension or shift in consciousness of all humanity. The most difficult years are predicted to be between 2020 and 2026 when so many souls are awakening to their true divine nature..

As I’ve seen so often in my work, it often takes a crisis, such as an illness or death of a loved one to wake us up. In this case it took a pandemic to cause people to realize that the people they trusted in the past, may not have all the answers. It’s time to listen within, trusting our hearts & understanding that this beautiful body is strong and capable of great change.

Finally, ‘We are not alone.’ Even though, because of freewill on this planet, the spirit world cannot interfere with our choices, if we ask for help, they can open doors and are wonderful cheerleaders when we have the courage to take steps to fulfill our amazing destiny.

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