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Episode 268 Responding to the Call

Nov 16, 2023 | Heartspeak, Podcasts | 2 comments

Like the songs of the whales & birds, the call has gone out. With Pluto poised between Capricorn & Aquarius, let’s re-examine our long-term plans & ask whether we’re truly responding to the call of our higher self or hiding from the truth. Filtering out extraneous noises & distracting vibrations, it’s time to courageously design a new path towards spiritual fulfillment.

The closing meditation offers the chance to embrace a part of the self that is essential for the next stage of this magical journey.
Only perform the meditation when its safe to close your eyes: ie not when driving or operating machinery.


  1. Trish

    Trying to play meditation

    • christinepage

      The meditation is included in the podcast; last 4-5 minutes. Hope you enjoy!


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