Beyond The Obvious: Bringing Intuition into Our Waking Consciousness (mp3)


Have you ever wished you’d followed your intuition but were scared to take the risk? Learn how to not only hear it’s messages but follow through on its advice.
Publisher: Frontiers of Health, 2005. Abridged MP3 download. Length: 2 hrs 45 minutes.

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The intuition is the navigator of the Soul, leading us on a journey of discovery and enlightenment back to ourselves. The various stages of the pilgrimage are reflected in powerful stories from the author's own life and encourage the reader to expand their consciousness from the state of "hoping", through the phase of "believing" until they experience the undeniable gift of "knowing", the hallmark of true intuition.

This book encourages us to strengthen our intuitive muscle, enhancing a state of deep connection, honesty, security and joyfulness.


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