Frontiers of Health: How To Heal The Whole Person – (mp3)


Frontiers of Health explains the links between the chakra system, emotions, personality types, illness and soul development, highlighting the soul’s message behind a range of common diseases.
Publisher: Frontiers of Health, 2010 MP3 2 hrs 25 mins.

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Abridged from the book of the same name; suitable for health care practitioners and the lay person alike.
Presenting insights into subtle anatomy, especially the chakras, it deepens the listener’s appreciation of the importance of these energy centers in the journey towards achieving true health, embracing mind, body and spirit. Providing many examples from Dr. Page’s 40 years of experience within allopathic and complementary medicine, the audio carefully describes the connection between the chakra, personality and potential illnesses and offers specific ways to create enduring inner and outer harmony.


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