9 Signs of Spiritual Awakening You Should Know About

9 Signs of Spiritual Awakening You Should Know About

Undergoing spiritual awakening is one of the most alienating, lonely, confusing, yet extremely beautiful experiences in life. To put this simply, experiencing spiritual awakening means the start of your initiation on your spiritual path and growth.

Without spiritual awakening, most sacred women go through their lives chasing the emptiness of fame, money, respect, and power in an attempt to be happy.

However, the most underappreciated factor of spiritual awakening is that it can happen in the most unexpected timing. This means you can’t plan for it. The awakening comes into your life and shakes things up like an earthquake.

But the most beautiful thing about awakening is that it will occur when you need it the most. Once you experience spiritual awakening, your soul will be free, and you will come to terms that nothing external in this world, such as money and power, will bring you true happiness.

But how do you know you’re undergoing spiritual awakening? Below are essential signs:

1. You Feel Like You’re Coming Alive

When experiencing spiritual awakening, you may feel like you’re looking at the world for the first time through a new lens. This is the “wow” factor of going through this experience. You may also feel like you’re experiencing everything in the world for the first time.

The colors will be more vibrant, and everything that once looked and felt dead is alive and present. Even your food tastes better than it has before. You may also notice that small and simple things in the world fill you with appreciation and joy that no one can take away.

Your surroundings look spellbinding, the trees are amazing, and you have a new appreciation for sunsets and sunrises. Additionally, you will feel that your mind amplifies your appreciation of beauty, and you have this more profound connection with nature that fills your heart with a sense of wonder and awe.

This is one of the most beautiful signs of spiritual awakening; everything under the sun coming alive for the first time in a while.

2. You Lose Worldly Ambitions

Spiritual development is often accompanied by a loss of attraction to worldly achievements. You will notice that the things that were once very important to your ego, such as success, recognition, societal status, and wealth, seem shallow and unattractive. Deep down, you know that nothing external and superficial will fully satisfy you; everything you need to be happy is inside you.

You will also be more compelled to explore the depths and nadirs of your inner self to discover who you truly are. This discovery becomes more rewarding than pursuing external stimulation and pleasure. If you’re a fan of nightclubs, bars, and other socializing activities, you will lose interest and instead find yourself spending more time alone at home or in a quiet place.

The more you lose interest in identifying with your identity, the less you will care about being understood by people and recognized for your achievement. Additionally, you won’t be interested in defending your position or proving to people that you are right. This helps you rediscover your inner freedom and find joy within yourself.

3. Heightened Synchronicity and Intuition

When undergoing spiritual awakening, you will experience an increased sense of synchronicity and intuition. This means there is something bigger than you that takes over your life’s steering wheel. You will start operating from a position of satisfaction in your inner self, and your mind will be more at ease.

Instead of looking for all these exterior signs to do something, you will start depending on the inner compass of what you feel is right. This is confirmed by intensified synchronicity.

For example, you could be thinking about moving to a new state to be closer to your family or looking for a more fulfilling job. Just as you’re going about your day, you get a job offer in the state you wanted to move to. This is the type of synchronicity you will start experiencing with nature when going through a spiritual awakening.

Leading a spiritual lifestyle means handing yourself over to life completely to live joyfully and simply. Heightened intuition and increased synchronicity are vital signs that nature and life are taking care of you.

4. You’re an Emotional Roller Coaster

When getting a spiritual awakening, you may experience emotional lows and highs. These episodes are accompanied by a feeling that you don’t truly recognize who you are. Unfortunately, this is true; you won’t recognize yourself because your inner self will start phasing out your old identity.

As you get old, you will experience an emotional rollercoaster. Most people identify this time as the darkest night of the soul. This is because it’s one of the most challenging times during your journey to a spiritual lifestyle.

As you go through the emotional roller coaster, your personality will start thinning out, and your true nature will surface as your inner light shines through. Your vibrational frequency will increase, and you will feel all your old and unresolved emotions. As the feelings are pushed to the surface and released, you will be quite overwhelmed if you don’t know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, you have to go through this stage because the unresolved emotions can’t survive the new you. You could go through immense sadness for numerous hours building up within you. And all of a sudden, your inner light shines through, and you feel uninterrupted, pure joy like you have never before.

5. A Desire to Be Your Authentic Self

Have you noticed a recent sudden push to be your authentic self? This is a natural result of spiritual awakening. When leading a spiritual lifestyle, you will become more direct, honest, and transparent with yourself.

You will also be more aligned with your inner thoughts. This makes it more contrasting and painful to compromise your authenticity. It will also be more challenging to go against what your inner self knows to be true.

Unfortunately, in today’s superficial world, being more authentic and honest in your dealings is likely to land you in trouble with other people. But during the spiritual awakening journey, you’re likely to desire a simpler and more morally correct lifestyle.

The Indian spiritual tradition speaks about the Purushartha, the four different stages humans go through during evolution. According to tradition, most individuals are often ruled by the first two, which are pleasure-seeking and security.

The third stage of human evolution, according to the Purushartas, is the Dharma. It means living from a position of doing the right thing instead of focusing on your personal preferences. This means serving the whole instead of your individual self. The spiritual awakening journey comes with an amplified desire to serve your community and the people around you.

6. Your Dreams Become More Vivid

Spiritual awakening affects more than your waking life. You will start experiencing more vivid dreams. It will also be easier to remember your dreams and understand them.

This means that you will better understand what is happening while you’re sleeping and can interpret what you saw when you wake up in the morning. You will also have a divine understanding of how the dream connects with your real life, especially where you are in your spiritual awakening journey.

According to experts, the key to dream interpretation is not looking at it literally but interpreting the clear visuals and symbols in the dream. Because dreams are rooted deep in the subconscious mind, it’s easy to understand them when you’re spiritually awakened.

When you’re going through a spiritual awakening, you will understand the dream language and feel the emotions it evokes without the need for outside interpretation.

7. Experience a Shift in Your Relationships

Have you lost two or three friends recently? Have you noticed that you’re no longer close to people you used to talk to every day? This could be a tell-tale sign that you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

You may notice that you have outgrown some family members and friends. This is because your energy is vibrating on a different level than them and your lives no longer resonate. You may break away from some people because your lives were meant to take paths that lead to different directions.

Additionally, you will lose friends because you’re leaving behind your old interests and a mindset that connected your lives. You will no longer be fake-nice. You are now more protective of your energy and time and treat your inner self with more care and compassion.

You may also notice that you’re enforcing healthy boundaries in your relationships and voicing your concerns without fear. This alone will shake up your relationship, and you’ll find yourself losing some people.

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8. You Feel More Compassionate

A major sign of spiritual awakening is an ever-growing sense of empathy and compassion for other people. You look at people, and you understand that they might be going through a lot in their daily lives. Your subconscious mind knows that being a human is tough, and everyone around you is stressed out.

You will also develop a sense of empathy for what they are experiencing. Becoming more compassionate helps you see beyond the hard shell people put out. You will also accept them as they are with all their imperfections without expecting too much.

The more your inner light shines, and you are in contact with your spiritual self, the more you are able to be empathetic and see the light that shines within other people. You will also distinguish when someone’s light has been dimmed without getting too emotionally involved.

You will allow people to be who they are meant to be and appreciate them without trying to change them. This will help you be more at peace with others and live in harmony with your surroundings.

9. You Experience a Oneness With All Life

At the core of everything, all life and energy are one. The energy and breath of life that moves through the body, helping you feel, speak and hear others, is the same spirit that makes the dogs, trees, and the rest of creation come to life.

When going through a spiritual awakening, most people have stated that they feel one with nature and all creation. This is because the experience helps you heal into wholeness.

During your journey, you may feel like you’re waking up from a dream, and everything in your life is becoming more apparent. You will also become more self-conscious and start feeling knowingness.

This revelation opens your eyes to the sacredness and blessings of all life. You will also be more appreciative of having the gift of life and feeling part of something bigger than yourself. Without spiritual awakening, you may not experience this new appreciation of life, and all that surrounds you.

You will notice that in the past, all you strived to achieve never satisfied you. No matter how successful you became, it was never enough. If your goal was getting one million dollars, once you achieved it, you set your eyes to the next million once you achieved it.

This is the cycle of life for people who haven’t experienced or embraced their spiritual awakening journey. However, identifying with your inner self will help you discover who you truly are and how your life is interconnected with all life on earth.

Are You Ready to Join Other Sacred Women in a Spiritual Awakening Journey?

Going through a spiritual awakening can be an overwhelming and scary experience. This is especially true if you don’t know what’s going on. However, you can learn to accept what’s happening and cultivate a routine and practice that brings out the best in you with proper guidance.

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Finding Your Way: What Is Spiritual Development and Why Does It Matter?

Finding Your Way: What Is Spiritual Development and Why Does It Matter?

Humans are inquisitive, curious, and existentialist in nature. Origin stories and folklore that include deep-seated psychological archetypes have been present in about every culture up to the present day. What makes us so inclined towards spirituality, to space and the solar system, to finding God?

It comes from a deep knowing that we are spiritual beings living out a human existence. Deja vu, synchronicities and gut feelings are only some of the ways our intuition tells us we’re on the path of spiritual development and connecting with the divine.

Society is becoming more receptive to these invisible influences that govern our material world. Quantum physics and quantum entanglement prove the Buddhist philosophy that everything is connected.

Spiritual development is a natural byproduct of these advancements in our belief systems and sciences. A lot of us, however, grew up indoctrinated into certain religions that didn’t teach about spirituality. You may know in your heart that you’re spiritually gifted, but need help bringing these latent gifts to the surface.

In order to develop your spirituality further, it requires discipline and practice. Continue reading to find out how to draw out your connection with the spiritual world from the depths of your mind.

What is Spiritual Development?

Spiritual development looks like many things to different people. It’s important not to let your ego get in the way of what it means to be spiritually developed. Some want to experience enlightenment, gain certain psychic gifts or manifest their dream world. Through spiritual development, these things are possible, but you shouldn’t set yourself up to expect anything.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve these things. But, spiritual development is about becoming closer with your connection to source, the creator, or infinite intelligence. There are many names for the same thing, so these labels will be used somewhat interchangeably.

Spiritual development takes us out of our mind and body and into our soul or spirit. Through this path, you hold the realization that you can self-actualize and hold the connection to infinite creation within you.

The importance of spiritual development is seen in how it affects your relationship with yourself and others. How you approach, certain situations may change as you go through metaphorical deaths to give birth to a new self. Your thought patterns become more positive, your consciousness is more self-aware, and your emotional reactions are more controlled.

You may start to go through an awakening, where the world becomes disillusioned. This involves seeing things for what they are. Awakening for many people can be painful, as it involves letting go of reality as you thought you knew it and acceptance of a deeper, more spiritual reality.

It’s a constant journey of self-growth, reflection, authenticity, and discovery.

As you grow, you get closer to your higher self. Think of the self, or higher self, as the most genuine version of you that exists.

You’re always connected to your soul, your guides, and your ancestors. It’s a matter of learning how to communicate with these aspects of reality.

Looking Inwards

Many spiritual practices involve looking inwards to uncover your spirituality. Being able to connect with a higher power means disconnecting from distractions. Here are some ways to actively avoid distractions and connect with source:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Time in nature
  • Breath-work
  • Exercise
  • Prayer
  • Chanting
  • Mantras
  • Journaling
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Fasting
  • Ritual

All of these practices help calm the mind. Once the mind is calm, you are able to be more receptive to intuitions and ideas.

It’s important to have some sort of discipline. Staying disciplined is important in any spiritual practice. It means you have the strength to withstand temptation. It allows you to act in accordance with your highest self.

Being disciplined in a spiritual practice translates to other areas of your life. You are able to eat healthier, exercise, and do other activities that are helpful to you.

By means of practicing these techniques, you can learn about spiritual development and true nature.  All of these techniques aim to dismantle you from the shackles of society’s imprinting on your beliefs.

Shedding old belief systems that were embedded in you as a child is part of the spiritual journey. Letting go of thoughts that don’t belong to you is very necessary.

To live a life of spiritual fulfillment, you have to journey towards the center of the self. Different religious and spiritual practices teach you that you’re connected to God through your soul.

Finding Purpose

It’s hard to get into spirituality if you do not find meaning in life. Nihilism doesn’t have a place in spirituality. You must overcome any old beliefs that life is meaningless to enhance your spirituality.

Purpose and having a calling are a part of the same principles. Having a purpose means you live a meaningful life. You adopt the philosophy that everything happens for a reason.

Once you believe this, you become nonattached to outcomes. Nonattachment takes practice. However, once you understand that the situations in your life are occurring for a reason, it becomes easier to keep that mindset.

Nonattachment and purpose help make life changes easier to cope with. If you don’t get a job you wanted, for example, remember it’s for a good reason. Usually, these disappointments and decisions happen to make way for something even better to come your way.

You have to trust the process. Developing faith in the divine plan allows for a purpose to come through in your life. Having purpose means believing in destiny, that there are no coincidences.

These mindsets will change your life once you learn to apply them to your reactions and decision-making. Try further apply these methods, try out the following affirmation.

‘What is meant for me will come my way. What is not meant for me, I let go. I want what the creator wants for me.”

Having a calling is fulfilling a divine purpose for your life. This can look like following a specific career choice or path in life. To do this means living out your soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Some people know exactly what their purpose and calling are. For other people, it’s not so easy.

Soul readings from experienced spiritual practitioners can help you find your purpose in life. With this help, you learn the tools and resources you have to fulfill your destiny. You can get techniques to implement that will help you develop your spiritual abilities so that you may live out your soul’s mission.

Benefits of Spiritual Mentors

Some people walk the path alone, but others need mentors. Spiritual mentors are there to help guide you towards your ascension.

Some of the things a spiritual mentor helps you develop are:

  • Psychic abilities
  • Reach spiritual maturity
  • Understanding of soul’s purpose
  • Discover latent spiritual gifts
  • Heal mental and physical ailments
  • Dissolve fear of death
  • Dissolve fear of the spirit realm
  • Trust your intuition
  • Listen to inner wisdom
  • Connect with Mother Nature
  • Communicate with guides and ancestors
  • Uncover specific traits and talents
  • Offer coping mechanisms for tough times
  • Learn tarot reading, astrology reading, palm reading, etc.

These are only some of the ways a spiritual mentor can help you in your spiritual journey. While everyone has the power within themselves to develop spiritually, having a guide to go to takes some of the pressure off of you. Doing it alone can be hard, especially if you don’t have a good support system.

Seeking guidance is natural. In fact, guidance can be divine intervention. It’s another sign moving you in the right direction.

Always seek out guidance from a reliable source. Don’t be afraid to contact the messenger with any questions you have. You want to trust your spiritual guide, so you know their readings and messages are genuine and from a good source.

Courses in spiritual development may be offered by certain mentors. These are great because they pass on their knowledge to benefit you on your spiritual journey.

Benefits of Spirituality

So, why live a more spiritual life? Believing in a higher power and connecting with the divine helps people going through many issues. Spirituality helps people with substance use disorder and mental and emotional disorders.

Even if you do not have a diagnosed mental illness, spirituality helps improve emotional wellbeing. Spirituality leads to making rational decisions, staying calm and positive, and feeling less lonely.

Spirituality leads to deeper bonds in your relationships. You’re able to make deeper connections with your loved ones and even strangers. It brings you to like-minded people. Having a sense of community gives you the support you need in life’s many trying times.

Spiritual development opens up new possibilities in your life. You may have been holding yourself back from living a fulfilling life. With a newfound sense of purpose, your actions align with your heart’s desires.

You tend to set healthier boundaries while keeping your goals in focus. Your priorities in life are discovered. Setting your priorities is important so that you accomplish everything you set out to.

Spirituality helps you feel connected to other people and your external world. You may develop feelings of intense gratitude and joy for the experiences you have. An appreciation for nature and meaningful connections is highly sought after.

With spirituality comes more mindfulness. Though heightened awareness can make you see when others are acting fake, it helps you weed out the good from the bad in your life. Mindfulness helps you work on the negative aspects of yourself as well.

Usually, spirituality cultivates a desire to create. Creating art, expressing yourself through style, or studying intensely are all ways you may express yourself after spiritual development.

Practical Spiritual Advice

Everyone’s path towards spiritual development looks different. Starting out small and practically can help you walk closer to your destiny.

Try choosing one spiritual practice and doing it every single day. Spirituality doesn’t have to look like anything crazy. It can be simple as going for a ten-minute walk and praying the whole time. You can also try expressing gratitude for each meal that you eat.

Being thankful and grateful for your experiences in life helps raise your vibration. Raising your vibration is a natural part of the spiritual process. While spirituality is not always all love and light, it is about being pure in the mind, body, and heart.

You will still go through every emotion on this earth. When times get rough, turn within to get rid of stagnant energy. You can do this by practicing an energizing yoga routine. You can also do this by cleansing your home and stating, “I rid my environment of all stagnant energy that is no longer serving my highest needs.”

These are all tips on getting started on your spiritual journey. Spiritual development is about finding what is right for you. It’s an individual experience. Embrace your individuality through your spiritual practice.

Don’t let the expectations surrounding spiritual development get you down. If you’re not progressing in a certain area, there is a lesson in that. We are not meant to constantly compare ourselves to one another. Remind yourself you are of divine energy.

To further advance your spiritual side, there are spiritual development courses you can take.

Starting Small

With everything mentioned in mind, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, spirituality is about slowly cultivating a practice and routine that works for you. While at times, the reality of spiritual influences in our material lives can be unknown, there is nothing to fear.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown, for how can we be afraid if it is unknown?

Discover what you’re here for. You have the right to know your destiny and the powers you hold within yourself. You’re encouraged to dive deeper into your spiritual development by making an appointment to get a soul reading.

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