Frontiers of Health: How To Heal The Whole Person

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Seen as the bible for healthcare practitioners around the world, Frontiers of Health explains the links between the chakra system, emotions, personality types, illness and soul development, highlighting the soul’s message behind a range of common diseases.

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Written for both professional carers and the lay person, Frontiers of Health is an ideal book to understand the message of disease and it's relationship to subtle anatomy, in particular the chakra system. Dr. Page thoroughly examines the links between the chakras, illness and spiritual unfoldment.
Written in a very honest and courageous manner, the book covers not only soul development but is also a self-help guide with practical exercises and suggestions to enhance well-being. There is nothing hypothetical about the teachings, arising as they do from Dr. Page's observations & insights as doctor and homeopath.
Softcover. 256 pages. Published 1992-CW Daniel (2005-Random House). ISBN 978-1-84413-107-5.

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4 reviews for Frontiers of Health: How To Heal The Whole Person

  1. Customer

    From Healing to Wholeness – the Ultimate Reference Book.
    A wonderful reference book, for those who wish to work towards true healing and wholeness on all levels, mind body and spirit.
    This Book helped me to understand the Chakra System clearly and concisely. With the use of diagrams and easy to understand text I’ve been enlightened to an energy system which reflects the true essence of any being.

    As a former suffer of M.E. I’ve been able to understand why my body was in dis-ease and with work and a lot of journeying I’ve learnt how to balance my life to honour my greater self.

    Thank You Christine – this book at times has been my bible.

  2. Lam Kwok Wa “Lani”

    A glimpse of the missing link between body, mind and spirit.
    If you ever wonder how come some people attract certain sickness/disease while others are just fine under the same circumstance or treatment, this book will definitely tell you something beyond the ‘obvious’.

    If you believe that you are more than just your physical body, this book can open a brand new horizon in knowing your Self through your body.

    Our body is an amazingly intelligent vehicle with ingenious design that effectively carry us around the physical realm for a divine purpose. Many of you, like me, may have very often heard of body, mind and spirit. However, most of us probably have very little clue about what exactly they are about and doubt about the relevance of such ‘trinity’ to an average Joe.

    Thanks to Dr Page’s friendly guide, you will navigate through the unchartered territories of the deep root of most commomly found illnesses. Being a medical doctor, she shared technical knowledge with the readers like an old friend telling stories. Those seemingly intimidating medical jargons soon lost their spell to me. With simple illustrations and real life examples, she brings her points across effectively.

    I came to know the book through a correspondence course in holistic nutrition study. This book is one of the text books. I immediately fell in love with it and use it as my bible to track down my own deep root issues through observing my own bodily symptoms. It works for me all the time. I also help my friends to ‘decode’ their symptoms.

    I can’t help but believe that our body is constantly beaming useful signals to our conscious mind to direct us in making decision that heals. However, we are mostly ignorant about these signals and failed to recognize the real meaning beneath the physical symptoms.

    Frontiers of Health is like a roadmap or user manual in terms of understanding our divinely designed body. If you ever feel like you are missing some vital information about the body, mind and spirit link, here is your answer.

  3. Shauna

    A must for any healer.
    This is one of my best reference books for my clients and for myself. Clear and easy to understand, it truly is a must for any healer and anyone who realizes there is more than just our physical body.

  4. Calorose

    Easy read and very informative.
    This book is an excellent resource for my studies in Esoteric Healing. It is an easy read with diagrams and analogies.

    I like the way the author describes the purpose of diseases and how they are related to each chakra.

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