The Handbook of Women’s Mysteries (hardcover)


The Handbook of Women’s Mysteries is a hardcover journal, allowing readers to enjoy the teachings as well as spend time in self-reflection, entering their thoughts & answers into the spaces provided.

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It’s time for women to reclaim and embody their innate gifts and powers. This handbook, full of invaluable teachings and practices for healing and empowerment, aims to reveal mysteries of womanhood which have been suppressed for the past 3500 years. Designed as a workbook or journal there is ample space for insights and moments of self-reflection.
Created to accompany the book is a CD or MP3 (Women’s Mysteries Meditations) with five wonderful meditations exercises which enrich the embodiment of the teachings in the book.

Self-published by Frontiers of Health September 2017 154 pages ISBN 978-0-9978143-2-3.

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