Spiritual Alchemy: How To Transform Your Life

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How to transform your life by remembering our spiritual origins.

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This cutting edge book incites us to remember what the ancient people have always known: we are in the era of the Great Shift when profound soul opportunities and challenges are being offered, changing our perception of life for ever.

The author encourages us to focus on the present and reconnect to sources of energy which support the alchemist's journey such as the energy grids, sacred sites, the nature kingdoms, the elements, the stars and sacred geometry.

Softcover. Publisher: Random House UK, 2005. 281 pages. ISBN: 978-1844130368.

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2 reviews for Spiritual Alchemy: How To Transform Your Life

  1. Heidi Jamuna

    Fantastic right on the money AAAAAAA+++++++
    I am so impressed with this book, she is such a forward thinker, for those whom are well on the road to their awakening this is a must have, for expansive thinkers only.

  2. Michael J. Henry

    Roadmap to self-healing.
    This book is a very comprehensive overview of many esoteric principles which help us to get a better understanding of all that is involved in this journey that we’re all on and how to integrate all of our lessons and aspects of our being into ourselves to be our whole self. This book helps anyone with hangups get over blockages that may be keeping their narrow minded idea of enlightenment from truly blooming. I feel like this book is the most important spiritual books in my library, and although Tolle has helped me awaken, Dr. Page is giving me a more whole view of what it means to be a fully awakened being and how to get to that realizations….much more than simply the “be completely in the present”…sort of idea, but more about fulfilling your mission in life and getting over all the fears and shame that keeps us limited and living inside of a box that was built to keep us from being the empowered beings that we are capable of being.

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